About Us


Our Mission

The mission of the Los Banos Downtown Association is for Los Banos Downtown to be a place to go for dining, diversified business, from professional needs to dining, retail, and entertainment.


Our Vision

The vision of the Los Banos Downtown Association is for the Los Banos Downtown to offer the historic commercial environment of yesterday, while offering the modern needs of today.  The streets are lined with trees and as you stroll the downtown, you will find a diversified culture climate.  Top restaurants are available, with choices of outdoor or indoor dining, fabulous one of a kind shops, and music playing on the streets.  The professional businesses serve your diversified business needs.

Our Purpose

Los Banos is the center of the community, sometimes referred to as the Heart of Los Banos, when a business is looking to relocate or bring new development, one of the first locations they look at is the downtown area.

The community is looking to revitalize and develop a beautification project to enhance the location and prosperities of the downtown, the committee is looking to upgrade the historic preservation of the downtown community through facade upgrade in color, art design of signage, and entertainment.

The purpose of this project is to bring the diversification of culture, business, entertainment, art, and restaurants to the downtown to serve the community and visitors from the surrounding area.