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About Us

The Los Banos Downtown Association has been serving downtown Los Banos, California since 2019 when it was established as an association for business owners to gather and collaborate, focusing their efforts on creating a vibrant 
place to shop, dine, work and play, where the downtown is showcased as a destination that brings people together and lends economic opportunity for businesses, enabling them to establish new customer connections.

In addition to serving as a resource to local businesses, we host several community events throughout the year that have become central to the culture of our community.

Downtown Los Banos offers the historic business environment of yesterday, while catering to modern needs. The tree-lined streets, outdoor music, wall murals of old Los Banos, inviting storefronts, and historic façades harmoniously lend to the unique downtown Los Banos experience while community members and visitors stroll through the downtown, visiting the offerings found here – some of which that have been serving this community for generations

Our Mission

Our Mission

Creating opportunities to discover and explore the exceptional shops, dining and entertainment venues, and professional and personal services offered in historic downtown Los Banos.


Our Vision

Promoting, improving, and preserving the downtown as the heart of Los Banos.

Our Purpose

The Los Banos Downtown Association represents its general membership with a unified voice to support economic development and historical preservation of downtown Los Banos and our community while celebrating our diverse culture. There is a focus on historical preservation and revitalization to enhance the downtown through the regulation of façade improvements in terms of color, awnings, art, and signage. The Los Banos Downtown Association is governed by a Board of Directors which is responsible for providing vision and leadership to its staff and downtown stakeholders. The Board includes downtown business owners, property owners, and residents dedicated to the improvement of downtown Los Banos and the community. Their objective is to organize and support events, initiatives, and activities that showcase downtown Los Banos as a destination that brings people and families together while supporting downtown merchants and businesses. The Los Banos Downtown Association is proud to host some of the most successful events in Los Banos including the annual Farm to Table dinner, Casino Night, 4th of July celebration, and the Christmas Lighting Ceremony. Events serve as the cornerstone for bringing new faces to downtown Los Banos, but it’s the variety of delicious dining options, unique shopping, and personable merchants and business owners that keep locals faithful to visiting the downtown and continue to inspire the return of out-of-towners

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